"Discipline is the continual exercise of the will enlightened by the intellect so that it may act easily and habitually according to Right order and help the child to attain self mastery a basic foundation for virtuous life."

Hence the school expects the child to contribute to the discipline of the school


  • Every pupil is expected to be in School 5 minutes before the Assembly Bell at 8.40 a.m. if pupils are late for the Assembly they will receive two warning notices, after which they are liable to be sent home at parent’s own risk.
  • MORNING ASSEMBLY is held in the hall and is conducted by the Principal or by students on special occasions.
  • The Girl who was absent from or is late to school may not be admitted to the class by the teacher incharge without the Principal’s signature
  • The attendance Roll will be taken at the beginning of the day. Those who are not present then will be marked absent.
  • No child is permitted to leave the school premises during the Recess or otherwise, except, with the written permission of the Principal.


  • Special care must be taken by teachers and pupils to preserve an atmosphere of SILENCE and Serious WORK during class hours.


  • Running, playing shouting and whistling inside the school building is never allowed.
  • When moving along corridors from one class to another the rule is always – KEEP LEFT and respect classes at work by moving with as little notice as possible.
  • No pupil is permitted to enter the Teacher’s Staff Room or Teacher’s Quarters.
  • No child will be permitted to run errands during class hours, nor will a child be permitted to come to the Principal’s office during class except for an urgent reason.
  • Pupils may use the telephone with permission. Permission, will be given only in urgent cases by the principal.
  • Children are strictly forbidden not to lend article to one another. Parents must urge their children not to lend or borrow.
  • Parents should not allow their children to bring Jewellery, transistors and tape recorders etc. to School. The School will not be responsible when such articles are lost or missing.
  • Books, Newspapers, Periodicals and Magazines may never be brought into the school without the knowledge and sanction of the principal. These will otherwise be confiscated.
  • No collection for any purpose what-so-ever may be made in the school without the permission of the Principal.


  • Pupils shall always greet their Teachers, elders and friends in a pleasant and audible tone of voices when they meet them, in School or outside.
  • They shall be polite in speaking to one another avoiding always the use of slang and common expressions.
  • They shall maintain good posture whenever they stand, sit or walk.


  • Pupils are answerable to the school Authorities for their conduct both in school and outside. They ought always to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the dignity of a human being. Misbehavior justifies dismissal.


  • All must consider it their social responsibility to keep the school Premises clean.
  • Every child must be particularly careful to avoid throwing waste paper, fruit peels etc. out of the window or on the school ground. Use should be made of the Waste-paper baskets and bins provided for this purposes.


  • Children should take special care of the school property i.e. furniture apparatus etc.
  • A fine will be charge for any damage done to school property.